Rana Sanaullah, Rejects allegations of torture on Shahbaz Gill in police custody Case should be registered against Imran Khan on his Saturday’s speech & he should also be arrested: Rana Sanaullah

Case should be registered against Imran Khan on his Saturday’s speech & he should also be arrested: Rana Sanaullah

Says Imran Khan is ‘fitna’ & he is dividing the nation & misguiding the youth

Rejects allegations of torture on Shahbaz Gill in police custody


Minister for Interior Affairs Rana Sanuallah Khan says the case should be registered against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on his Saturday’s speech and he should also be arrested. Rana Sanaullah Khan rejected allegations of torture on PTI leader Shahbaz Gill in police custody.

Addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Sunday, Rana Sanaullah Khan said PML-N is against any kind of torture. He said our government believes that torture is against dignity of a man and a violation of constitution. The Minister said story of torture on Shahbaz Gill is a drama to divert the attention from original matter. He said an FIR was lodged against Shahbaz Gill as per law for instigating army officers and soldiers. He said state cannot tolerate such malicious conspiracies.

The Minister said Shahbaz Gill was produced before judicial magistrate within twenty four hours and he was absolutely fine and did not complain of torture. He said on 11th of this month medical board did not indicated any torture in its report. He said Shahbaz Gill was not tortured by Islamabad Police. He said a campaign against martyrs of Lasbela was run by PTI on the behest of Imran Khan.

The interior minister said: “Shahbaz Gill had everything planned with the private television channel, from when they will call him, to how long the conversation will run.” He was referring to the August 8 conversation on television by Gill where he spoke against the army. The next day he was arrested on sedition charges.

“I can confirm as the interior minister that no torture was carried out against Gill,” said Rana Sanaullah. The interior minister denounced Khan’s remarks from the night prior, when he addressed a rally and spoke at length against the police and judiciary, saying that “Imran Niazi’s narrative is an anti-state agenda”.

Speaking of the divisive social media trends that were launched in the wake of the Lasbela helicopter tragedy in which six army personnel were martyred, Rana Sanaullah alleged that it was an “organised campaign” which had the “support of Imran Khan”. “Imran Khan Niazi’s narrative is a foreign agenda,” he said.

The minister said that many politicians had “spoken in the past about the interference of the establishment, but no one ever provoked anyone to stop obeying the orders of the command”. “Such a heinous conspiracy will neither be tolerated by the state, nor forgiven,” he said.

The federal minister said that he is waiting for Imran Khan to go on a long march upon which “a more effective response than that on May 25 will be given”. Implying a low turnout in yesterday’s rally, Rana Sanaullah said: “Imran Khan must have now realised what his real strength is.”

He said that Khan threatened the institutions in his speech yesterday, regretted the former prime minister threatened a female judge after taking her name. Rana Sanaullah was referring to Imran Khan taking Zeba Chaudhry’s name, the additional district and sessions judge who approved the Islamabad Police’s request for a 48-hour physical remand of Gill.

The minister said that the statements by Imran Khan, a public office holder, are “impeachable” and are being investigated for whether they constitute filing a new case or that a reference be added to the existing case.

Replying a question, Rana Sanaullah said that he requests the court that PIMS hospital and doctors have no treatment of the pretext disease of Shahbaz Gill, adding that he has the treatment of Shahbaz Gill. Rana Sanaullah said requested the court to handover Shahbaz Gill in his custody, adding that we will conduct interrogation of the case and even he is ready to take responsibility that Shahbaz Gill will be presented in court and will be sent in jail good health.

Replying another question, Rana Sanaullah said that the Saturday’s rally and speech of Imran Khan is something more then that of violation of the section 144, adding that the speech comes under treason and threatening of the institutions, adding that Imran Khan has threatened police and judiciary. He said that the threatening of the institutions in this manner and stopping officers from performing their legal and constitutional responsibilities is more then that of violation of the section 144. Rana Sanuallah said that we have sought legal opinion from the concerned department and Advocate General Islamabad Barrister Jehangir Khan Jadoon, adding that Imran Khan’s speech will be made part of the case lodged against Shahbaz Gill and he will be included as accused and the people who were listening the speech and were standing along with him will be included as abettors or separate case will be registered against him.

Rana Sanaullah said that he supporter of lodging case and arresting Imran Khan in case relating to 25th May incidents, adding that Imran Khan is “fitna” and he is dividing the nation and misguiding the youth. He said that this has been proved when these people created narrative on the martyrs of Lasbela incident, adding that the youth who had become part of this narrative while falling prey to misguidance are now tendering apologies while coming on TV. He said that the cabinet had formed sub-committee on the matter of Lasbela and we have provided all the reports to the sub-committee, adding that in next cabinet meeting the decision should be made on this matter. He said that the government should also make decision regarding lodging case and arrest of Imran Khan on the bases of the Imran Khan’s Saturday’s speech, adding that PML-N is the part of the coalition government so it is necessary for all the cabinet members and coalition partners on this kind of issues.

Replying a question, Rana Sanaullah Khan said that the federal government condemns the actions taken by PTI’s Punjab government against the police and other government officials on the incidents of 25th May, adding that federal government will provide every kind of assistance to the officials who are being victimized by PTI’s Punjab government. He said that these victimization actions will be challenged in the courts and he is hopeful that the courts will declared null and void these actions, adding that we will provide every possible support at federal and provincial level to these officials.