PTI suffers major setback in first phase of KP local govt elections JUI-F leads with 19 seats, PTI 14, independents 8, ANP 7, PML-N, 3, JI 2, PPP & TIP secures 1 seat each

PTI suffers major setback in first phase of KP local govt elections

JUI-F leads with 19 seats, PTI 14, independents 8, ANP 7, PML-N, 3, JI 2, PPP & TIP secures 1 seat each

PESHAWAR ( Web News )

The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) suffered a major setback as the majority of the results of the local government elections held in 17 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Sunday were announced on Monday.

Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) emerged as single largest party in the first phase of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa local government election held on Sunday in 17 districts while securing 19 sets of mayors and tehsil chairmen. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) remained runner up while securing 14 seats. Meanwhile independents remained on third position while securing eight seats, Awami National Party (ANP) remained on fourth position while securing seven seats, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) remained on fifth position while securing three seats, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan remained on sixth position while securing two seats, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Tehreek-i-Islahat Pakistan (TIP) secured one seat each.

Ruling PTI suffered the biggest setback on the seat of Peshawar mayor in the hands of JUI-F.

According to the unofficial results, JUI-F’s Zubair Ali — a relative of party chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman — won with a margin of around 11,500 votes after securing 62,388. PTI’s Rizwan Khan Bangash received 50,669 votes and PPP’s Zarak Arbab got 45,000 votes.

The unofficial results also show that the opposition parties have a combined lead over the ruling PTI for the post of mayor/chairman of the 63 tehsil councils.

The first phase of local government polls, marked by scattered incidents of violence and attacks that claimed five lives and damaged some polling stations, was held on Sunday in 66 tehsils of 17 districts after a gap of six years.

The polling process in three tehsils — located in Swabi, Bannu and Darra Adam Khel — was postponed on Sunday due to disturbances, including a suicide blast in Bajaur, abduction of polling staff in Bannu, a clash in Karak and a mob attack on Minister for Science and Technology Senator Syed Shibli Faraz’s vehicle in Kohat.

In all, 12.668 million voters — seven million male and five and a half million female — were registered for the polls in the 17 KP districts namely Buner, Bajaur, Swabi, Peshawar, Nowshera, Kohat, Karak, Dera Ismail Khan, Bannu, Tank, Haripur, Khyber, Mohmand, Mardan, Charsadda, Hangu and Lakki Marwat.

Of the erstwhile Federally Administered Tribal Areas, local government elections were held for the first time in Khyber, Mohmand and Bajaur districts.

PML-N candidate Muhammad Qasim Shah grabbed Tehsil Chairman Ghazi (District Haripur) seat by bagging 18355 votes. Independent candidate Khayam-ul-Islam came second with 12416 votes while PTI’s Naveed Iqbal remained third with 2995 votes.

JUI-F candidate Syed Badshah won the Tehsil Chairman Khar (District Bajaur) seat by obtaining 19130 votes. JI candidate Sahibzada Haroonur Rasheed came second by pocketing 17646 votes while Luqman Khan of PTI remained third by getting 15689 votes.

PTI candidate Azmat Ali Khan won the Tehsil Chairman Karak (District Karak) seat by obtaining 23512 votes. ANP candidate Abdul Rehman Khattak came second by pocketing 9870 votes while Muhammad Zahoor of JI remained third by getting 8222 votes.

Independent candidate Muhammad Kamran grabbed Tehsil Chairman Takht e Nasrati (District Karak) seat by bagging 12456 votes. JUI-F candidate Gul Rauf came second with 10445 votes while PTI’s Sajjad Asad Khattak remained third with 10093 votes.

PTI candidate Sajid Iqbal grabbed Tehsil Chairman Gumbat (District Kohat) seat by bagging 15021 votes. JUI-F candidate Maulana Muhammad Rafique came second with 14312 votes while PPP’s Babar Azeem remained third with 231 votes.

JUI-F candidate Sher Zaman grabbed Tehsil City Mayor Kohat seat by bagging 34434 votes. Independent candidate Shafi Ullah Khan came second with 25793 votes while PTI’s candidate remained third with 16244 votes.

JUI-F candidate Maulana Bismillah won the Tehsil Chairman Baizai (District Mohmand) seat by obtaining 4788 votes. Independent candidate Malik Zahid Khan came second by pocketing 4210 votes while Muhammad Ayaz of PTI remained third by getting 1121 votes.

PTI candidate Naveed Ahmed Mohmand grabbed Tehsil Chairman Lower Mohmand (District Mohmand) seat by bagging 7931 votes. JUI-F candidate Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed came second with 7285 votes while ANP’s Saif Ullah remained third with 1423 votes.

TIP candidate Syed Nawab Afridi grabbed Tehsil Chairman Jamrud (District Khyber) seat by bagging 9837 votes. Independent candidate Syed Ghaus Khan came second with 8722 votes while JUI-F’s Maulana Saeed Khan remained third with 3904 votes.

JUI-F candidate Hamza Asif won the Tehsil Chairman Shabqadar (District Charsadda) seat by obtaining 33244 votes. PTI candidate Shahid Ullah came second by pocketing 14416 votes.

JUI-F candidate Maulana Abdul Rauf grabbed Tehsil Chairman Charsadda (District Charsadda) seat by bagging 76735 votes. ANP candidate Taimoor Khattak came second with 44540 votes while PTI’s Haji Zafar remained third with 24330 votes.

ANP candidate Arbab Umar Khan grabbed Tehsil Chairman Chamkani (District Peshawar) seat by bagging 24425 votes. PTI candidate Bani Gull came second with 20398 votes while JUI-F’s Khalid Waqar remained third with 2744 votes.

PTI candidate Kamran Razzaq won the Tehsil Chairman Jehangira (District Nowshera) seat by obtaining 32124 votes. PPP candidate Jamshed Khan came second by pocketing 27931 votes while Sikandar Masood of ANP remained third by getting 21885 votes.

PTI candidate Muhammad Ishaq Khan Khattak grabbed Tehsil Chairman Nowshera (District Nowshera) seat by bagging 49084 votes. JUI-F candidate Mufti Hakim Ali came second with 40972 votes while PPP’s Ahad Khattak remained third with 33316 votes.

JUI-F candidate Fareed Ullah won the Tehsil Chairman Mathra (District Peshawar) seat by obtaining 22000 votes. JI candidate Iftikhar Ahmed came second by pocketing 15844 votes while Ali Abbas Khan of PTI remained third by getting 9835 votes.

ANP candidate Hamayat Ullah Mayar grabbed Tehsil City Mayor Mardan seat by bagging 56458 votes. JUI-F candidate Maulana Anayat Haqqani came second with 49938 votes while PTI’s candidate remained third with 30383 votes.

JUI-F candidate Muhammad Saeed grabbed Tehsil Chairman Takht Bhai (District Mardan) seat by bagging 45881votes. PML-N candidate Mumtaz Khan came second with 33713 votes while JI’s Muazullah remained third with 72 votes.

JUI-F candidate Hammadullah won the Tehsil Chairman Katlang (District Mardan) seat by obtaining 30474 votes. ANP candidate Fazlur Rehman came second by pocketing 18186votes while Zarshad Khan of PTI remained third by getting 16103 votes.

ANP candidate Bakhtawar Khan grabbed Tehsil Chairman Garhi Kapura (District Mardan) seat by bagging 20244 votes. JUI-F candidate Muhammad Ayaz came second with 17399 votes while PTI’s Shah Faisal Khan remained third with 1400 votes.

JUI-F candidate Muhammad Raheem Khan grabbed Tehsil Chairman Topi (District Swabi) seat by bagging 23440 votes. PML-N candidate Amir Saeed came second with 2689 votes while PTI’s Muhammad Sohail Khan remained third with 1670 votes.

PML-N candidate Adil Khan won the Tehsil Chairman Chota Lahore (District Swabi) seat by obtaining 22036 votes. JUI-F candidate Mufti Shahab-ud-Din came second by pocketing 14820 votes while Sohail Ahmed of PTI remained third by getting 12128 votes.

ANP candidate Ghulam Haqqani grabbed Tehsil Chairman Razar (District Swabi) seat by bagging 22743 votes. PTI candidate Buland Iqbal came second with 13023 votes while JUI-F’s Maulana Momin remained third with 2283 votes.

JUI-F candidate Mubarik Ahmed Durrani grabbed Tehsil Chairman Rustam (District Mardan) seat by bagging 16,887 votes. PTI candidate Muzzaffar Shah came second with 12,482 votes while PPP’s Ayub Khan remained third with 11,619 votes.

ANP candidate Ghayoor Ali Khatak grabbed Tehsil Chairman Pabbi (District Nowshera) seat by bagging 27,530 votes. PTI candidate Ashfaq Ahmed came second with 27,268 votes while Qari Akhtar Munir remained third with 24,025 votes.

PTI candidate Attaullah Khan won the Tehsil Chairman Swabi (District Swabi) seat by obtaining 29,363 votes. ANP candidate Akmal Khan came second by pocketing 21,050 votes while Rab Nawaz Khan of PML-N remained third by getting 5,627 votes.

Independent candidate Muhammad Ahsan won the Tehsil Chairman Lachi (District Kohat) seat by bagging 8,021 votes. PTI candidate Saim Imtiaz Qureshi came second with 6,278 votes and JUI-F candidate Fawad Khan remained third with 1,255 votes.

PTI candidate Rozi Khan bagged 8,547 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Daggar (District Buner) seat. JUI-F candidates Arif Ullah remained second with 6,201 votes.

ANP candidate Gulzar Hussain Babak secured 7,087 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Khadokhal (District Buner) seat. PTI candidate Muhammad Afsar Khan remained second with 6,827 votes while while Jamaat-e-Islami candidate Muhammad Hanif Advocate remained third with 255 votes.

PTI candidate Areez Gandapur secured 18,675 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Kulachi (District Dera Ismail Khan) seat. Fareedon Gandapur of PPP remained second with 7,890 votes while Akbar Khan of PML-N got 3,644 vote to remain third.

JUI-F candidate Mufti Imran Muhammad secured 14,001 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Tall (District Hangu) seat. Javed Hassan of PTI got 8,400 votes to remain second while Independent candidate Shoukat Hayat came third by getting 1,819 votes.

JUI-F candidate Hafiz Taj Wali won the Tehsil Chairman Upper Mohmand (District Mohmand) seat by grabbing 7,987 votes. PTI candidate Hafiz Amir Ullah remained second with 3,914 votes.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidate Raja Haroon Sikandar won the Tehsil Chairman Khanpur (District Haripur) seat by obtaining 33,761 votes. PTI candidate Raja Shahab Sikandar remained second with 30,207 votes.

PTI candidate Hafeez-ur-Rehman Afridi secured 6,274 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Hasan Khel (District Peshawar) seat. Malik Nazar Baz of JUI-F remained second with 2,538 votes while ANP candidate Mohib Ullah came third with 97 votes.

JUI-F candidate Kaleem Ullah bagged 20,001 votes to win Tehsil Chairman Shah Alam (District Peshawar) seat. Jamaat-e-Islami candidate Sardar Alam secured 7,119 votes to remain second and PPP candidate Malik Firdous came third by getting 268 votes.

PTI candidate Sharif Khan won the Tehsil Chairman Chagharzai (District Buner) seat by grabbing 8,001 votes. Muhammad Zaib of Jamaat-e-Islami remained second with 4,310 votes. Independent candidate Iqbal Khan obtained just 156 votes to remain third.

JUI-F candidate Malik Mantu Khan won the Tehsil Chairman Wazir (District Bannu) seat by obtaining 3,211 votes. Independent candidate Irfan Ullah came second by getting 731 votes while another Independent candidate Bakht Ullah bagged just 6 votes to remain third.

PTI candidate Junaid-ur-Rashid won the Tehsil Chairman Kaki (District Bannu) seat by securing 4,435 votes. Independent candidate Pir Khan Badshah remained second with 2,690 votes while Jamaat-e-Islami candidate Akhtar Ali Shah could secure only 70 votes.

Independent candidate Amir Ghani won the Tehsil Chairman Hangu seat by securing 13,761 votes. JUI-F candidate Hafiz Muhammad Qasin got 11,044 votes to remain second while PTI candidate Noor Awaz came third with 4,635 votes.

PTI candidate Syed Salar Jahan won the Tehsil Chairman Gagra seat in Buner District by obtaining 9,344 votes. Jamaat-e-Islami candidate remained second with 4,975 votes while JUI-F candidate Israr Ahmed could obtain only 289 votes.

Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan candidate Ehsanullah Khan won the seat of Tehsil Council Daraban Chairman while securing 15,125 votes; meanwhile PTI candidate Sardar Bahadur remained runner up while securing 8556 votes.

Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan candidate Azizullah won the seat of Tehsil Council Sarai Naurang Chairman while securing 17792 votes; meanwhile JUI-F candidate Hazbullah Khan remained the runner up.