Flour price in country reaches at record highest level. Per kg price Rs 107 Karachiities are forced to buy the flour at Rs1,160 more than in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Islamabad.

Flour price in country reaches at record highest level

Per kg price of the flour reaches at Rs 107 in Karachi

ISLAMABAD ( Web News )

The flour prices in the country have reached record high after a 20 kilogram bag of the commodity is being sold at Rs2,140 in Karachi, a private TV channel reported quoting Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) data. Per kilogram price of the flour has reached at Rs 107 in Karachi.

Karachiities are being forced to buy costliest flour in the country as the citizens are forced to buy the flour at Rs1,160 more than in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Islamabad.

According to a private TV channel there are several reasons of increase of flour price in country, which include non-completion of the wheat purchase target, government decision to import wheat from abroad, increase in support price of wheat, bad administration, improper supply of the wheat as compared to the demand and untimely release of the wheat.

During the last week, the price of flour saw an Rs180 hike on 20-kg bag in Karachi and Rs140 increase in Hyderabad. The price of 20-kg flour bag saw hike by Rs120 in Quetta, Rs100 in Khuzdar, Rs40 in Sukkur, and Rs20 in Larkana.

The PBS data further showed that the price of 20-kg bag is being sold in Hyderabad at Rs2080, Rs1950 in Khuzdar, Rs1920 in Quetta and Larkana, Rs1800 in Sukkur, Rs980 in Peshawar, Bannu, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

It is pertinent to mention here that the annual inflation rate in the country, after a 1.31% weekly increase, reached a historic high of 46.10%, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) data showed.

According to the PBS data, the weekly inflation rate in the country in the last week was 1.31%. Prices of 31 essential items increased in the last week while prices of three items fell in the last week, PBS data shows.

The data showed that the price of onion increased dramatically as a result of devastating floods in the country, the price went up by Rs51.52 in the last week. While the price of tomatoes went up by Rs20.87, it added.

The PBS Weekly Inflation report shows an increase of Rs17.21 in Moong pulse prices while Chickpea pulse went up by Rs6.76. Potatoes increased by Rs4.55, eggs by Rs8.39 per dozen while the price of chicken went up by Rs8.91, it added.

The price for Liquid Petroleum Gas cylinder increased by Rs118.63 in the last week while a 20 kg bag of four went up by Rs18.33. The prices for garlic, milk, yoghurt and sugar also went up in the last week.

However, the price for a 2.5kg box of cooking oil dropped by Rs5.81 and Masoor pulse by Rs0.10. While the price of 17 essential items remained unstable.