Change in social behavior towards impaired persons is needed: Dr. Alvi

Change in social behavior towards impaired persons is needed: Dr. Alvi

KARACHI ( Web News )

Dr. Arif Alvi. President of Pakistan while addressing launching ceremony of Boltay Huroof application said that federal government had introduced schemes in order to financially empower the special persons and the women. However, social behavior needs to be changed to boost up this stratum of the society. He appreciated the step of making application that will enable visually impaired persons to translate urdu into Braille language.

He added that stipend of two thousand each for about two million impaired persons had been fixed, whereas, soft loans were being provided to the women. However, owing to lack of awareness majority of the women could not have profited from the facility.

Governor State Bank Raza Baqir and CEO Boltay Huroof Hafiz Sheikh Omer also addressed on the occasion.

Meanwhile President Dr. Arif Alvi has said that the world is changing and the new world is all about the science, technology, mathematics and so on.

He stated this while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the TDF MagnifiScience Centre (MSC) on Saturday. First Lady Samina Alvi was also present on the occasion.

President Dr. Arif Alvi said that this project would help encourage the students to come towards scientific studies. He said that we have become aware of the situation as far as the education is concerned. He said that the quality of education is more significant than the structure of a building.

He said that what we have to teach in schools is the analytical skill to handle and to weight today’s problems or today’s incidents and daily decisions in life. The President said, ‘My fascination with science is tremendous.’

Alvi said that a child holds the fascination for science or anything else more at the minor age but as he grows by time the fascination starts reducing at diminishing level.

He said that the things are changing. He further said that the field of education is very wide but our fascination with it was limited. He further said that scientific fairs are methods through which the children can be encouraged to look into science.

Later, the President inaugurated the TDF MagnifiScience Centre (MSC) and visited it. He also congratulated the Chairman of TDF Hussain Dawood for establishing the MSC.