Rights given in constitution should be given to women: CJP

Rights given in constitution should be given to women: CJP

LAHORE ( Web News )

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed stated that in constitution many rights and powers have been given to the women, which should be given to the women. He said that the right of women is such a right that is protected in the constitution, adding that not only the women should be given representation everywhere but all the rights mentioned in the constitution should be given to the women and they should have representation everywhere. CJP stated that if the woman is not healthy then the whole community will not be healthy.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed expressed these views while addressing the event organized by Pink Ribbon organization to create awareness about the breast cancer.

CJP stated that it was amazing for him that the population of women in Pakistan is more than men but there is no specialized hospital present in Pakistan for women, adding that it was hurting for him and he read it and tried to understand it.

Justice Gulzar Ahamd said that Umar Aftab has established Pink Ribbon institution, adding that the women and nation should be thankful to him. He said that in Pakistan, woman are our life line, if they are not healthy then whole society will not be healthy, the children and the husbands are dependent upon women. The children’s education and all the matters of house are dependent upon the women.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that there shall be institutions in all the cities of Pakistan where the treatment of breast cancer is possible, adding that specialized hospitals should be established for this purpose. He said that 40 thousand women are died from this disease every year, is not easy thing to hear and nor ignorable. He said that every department and organization should have to think that diagnosing and right treatment is necessary to save the large number of population which dies every year from this disease. Chief justice thanked the Pink Ribbon for creating awareness among the masses about breast cancer disease.

CJP Gulzar Ahmad said that if due to our participation the facility of breast cancer increases then we will come time and again.